Experience and Track Record

The NYCRC has provided over $1.5 billion of foreign investment to help fund a wide variety of real estate and infrastructure projects in New York City. In addition to fueling economic development and creating jobs for New Yorkers, NYCRC offerings have enabled over 5,000 individuals to become permanent residents of the United States through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Immigration Track Record

To date, 100% of NYCRC’s 21 project offerings have been approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  NYCRC investor immigration approval statistics are as follows:

EB-5 investors have received
I-829 approvals
EB-5 investors and family members have been granted permanent residency status
EB-5 investors have received
I-526 approvals
EB-5 investors and family members have been granted conditional residency status

While assisting investor immigration approvals as well as economic development and job creation in New York City over the past 10 years, the NYCRC has worked diligently to conduct itself in a manner that respects both Congressional objectives of the EB-5 program as well as the interests of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Homeland Security.

Over 3,000 individuals from over 30 different countries have invested in NYCRC project offerings to date. These countries include Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Dubai, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Macau, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, S. Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Economic Development Track Record

The NYCRC has provided over $1.5 billion of capital to fund a broad spectrum of real estate and infrastructure projects in New York City. To date, 21 economic development projects have successfully utilized NYCRC financing to assist in the construction of over 3.8 million square feet of new development and renovation as well as infrastructure upgrades resulting in thousands of new jobs for New Yorkers. Much of this capital has been invested in underserved areas of New York City in need of long-term economic growth. Examples include:

Examples of economic development projects utilizing loans provided by NYCRC-managed funds include the following:

For more information on previous NYCRC-funded projects, please click here.

Over the past four years, the United States Department of Treasury has made three separate awards totaling $115 million in New Market Tax Credit allocations to a NYCRC-managed entity. To receive this allocation, the NYCRC was required to demonstrate a mission and long-term track record of investment in low-income communities.